Seeking A Company That Offers Solar Panel Leasing?

Seeking A Company That Offers Solar Panel Leasing?

Energy bills have been soaring this year, putting pressure on both homeowners and companies. Consequently, many of us are looking more seriously at alternative forms of energy.

The benefits of using solar panels is well known, with them helping homeowners make long-term savings on their energy bills. Businesses also benefit significantly from using this form of green energy. Not only do they save them large amounts of money on energy bills but help enhance your business’s green credentials.

Green Light Engineering delivers a variety of services to help businesses evolve, including solar leasing.

A solar lease means your business pays a fixed month or lease payment, which is calculated using the estimated production of the system, in exchange for the right to use the PV system. Benefits of choosing solar leasing includes the fact you’ll make immediate savings. You also won’t have to worry about any upfront costs.

In comparison, a power purchase agreement (PPA) is a financing arrangement that allows businesses to purchase solar electricity with no upfront capital cost. This involves entering into a long-term contract, which many businesses don’t want to do.

Green Light Engineering Ltd covers all aspects of the process, from the initial design through to the planning. We also offer a wide range of other refurbishment services.

If you’re looking for a company for solar leasing, discover more on our website. Or don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team today.