Small Power

Small Power

Small power are used on a daily basis and provide for all of our needs as a consumer. Whether its general 13amp sockets for making a cup of tea, or cooker supplies and even jacuzzi supplies for you to relax, GreenLight can offer various requirements throughout your home.


Small Power Electrical Equipment

Small power electrical equipment consists of all the unfixed devices, and appliances commonly plugged into electricity in an office environment. This electrical equipment can include items such as desktop PCs, laptops, monitors, printers, as well as domestic scale appliances such as kettles, fridges and dishwashers. Additionally, the charging of work and personal portable devices such as phones and tablets.

Small power electrical equipment account for 15% of the total electricity used in an office building. Besides, using and charging small power electrical equipment items also generate heat, which results in contributing towards building cooling and ventilation requirements.

Everyone uses small power on a day to day basis and this supply all our needs as a consumer. At GreenLight, we can offer supplies for a variety of requirements throughout your home.

  • Kitchen appliances
  • Cooker/Hob
  • Jacuzzi/ Hot tubs
  • Electric car charging points
  • 13amp sockets
  • Garage/Outbuildings


Why Choose GreenLight

All our engineers are both highly capable and fully qualified, bringing with them a wealth of experiences for installing small power. We are here to assist you with any project you require our help with. Give GreenLight a call today 0208 545 7225.