An intercom is a two-way communication electronic device that contains the purpose of transmitting and receiving audio or video transmissions. This can be used within a building, small collection of buildings, and can be mounted permanently on vehicles.

Here at GreenLight, we provide a wide range of intercom systems to suit every application.

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GSM Intercoms

The GSM intercom employs mobile phone technology to communicate and operate doors as well as automated gate systems. GSM is totally self-contained and only requires an external power supply.

However, with up to 10 call stations, each calling 2 numbers allowing the system to divert a call if the first number is busy or not answered. The GSM is program by both dialling into the GSM as well as using a telephone keypad and by SMS.

Daitem Wireless Intercoms

This type of intercom uses radio technology and is totally wire-free and totally mobile.

As there is no wiring required with the outdoor caller unit, the Daitem intercom system opens a whole array of possibilities, including multiple handsets, mobility, and no damage to interior design etc.

Audio Intercoms

When a caller presses the call button this produces an electronic call tone at the telephone handset. When answered, the caller and occupant can have a two-way conversation. If essential the occupant can then release the door or gate by pressing the selected button on the telephone handset.

Video Intercoms

Thinking about protecting your home by screening and recording visitors before letting them into your home. The video intercom range is one of the most comprehensive in the industry offering many features normally only found on high end systems. Features such as timed privacy, intercommunication between phones and handsfree speech are all available on this system.

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