New Construction Wiring

New Construction Wiring

As you might already know, building a home is a very exciting time, but building a home adds an extra layer of anticipation to the process. When building a new property, you know how the details of the design and construction process matter. Don’t forget about the wiring. Wiring new construction homes is a crucial part of the process, and our engineers at GreenLight is experienced in a variety of electrical work for new construction homes.

Wiring a new construction, whether it is a residential community under construction, a new commercial facility, means understanding as well as applying a complex array of codes to ensure safety and functionality. When new construction wiring is done poorly, it can lead to cost overruns, project delays and inspection failure.

Therefore, you need an electrician you can trust to meet project requirements on time, on budget and up to all current code standards. At GreenLight, we understand how important electrical wiring is to the success of your commercial project and we pride ourselves on excellence in service and workmanship.

When GreenLight manage your electrical wiring project, we keep our clients informed every step of the way. We treat your facilities with respect and work to exceed your expectations. With many years of experiences serving commercial customers throughout the UK, we are confident we can help make your project a success.

Our New Construction Wiring Services

  • We provide indoor and outdoor electrical services
  • Wiring for security systems, fire alarms, heating as well as cooling systems, intercoms and industrial equipment
  • Low voltage cabling for voice and data
  • Switch installation
  • Energy saving solutions
  • Let us know what your new construction needs, and we will make it happen

Hiring GreenLight For New Construction Electrical Projects

  • We have a dedicated engineers who focuses on commercial new construction electrical work, with certifications as electrical contractors.
  • We pride ourselves in completing our projects to the highest standards of safety, quality and excellence.
  • Free estimates with detailed up-front pricing so you won’t be worried by unexpected costs.