TM44 Reports

TM44 Air Conditioning Inspection is compulsory for buildings wherever air conditioning systems have a combined total cooling capacity of more than 12kW and these inspections must be completed every 5 years by an accredited air conditioning energy assessor.

Under the TM44 Regulations, senior personnel must ensure inspections of their units are undertaken by an energy assessor to avoid conflict of interest. The inspection consists of a valuation of the system’s efficiency as well as a review of sizing and advice on efficiency, improvements, and replacement.

Penalties Not Having TM44 Air Conditioning Inspection Report

Local Authorities (generally by Trading Standards Officers) are in control for implementing the statutory requirements associated with air conditioning inspection TM44 reports.
However, failure to produce an air conditioning inspection TM44 report when required by the Regulations can result in the issue of a penalty charge fines from £300 per offence (per building/unit). These fines can be repeated at the discretion of Trading Standards enforcement officers on a daily, monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

You might also be requested to make available a copy of your air conditioning inspection (TM44) report on demand.  When asked, the report must be produced within 7 days or you may be liable to a penalty charge otherwise. A copy of the TM44 air conditioning inspection report can be asked by an enforcement officer at any time up to six months after the last day for compliance with the obligation to make it available.

TM44 Inspection Cost

GreenLight TM44 Air Conditioning Inspections cost depends on several factors such as geographical location, quantity of air conditioning systems on site and number of assessments required. For a competitive price on TM44 Air Conditioning Inspections, call us 0208 545 7225 to arrange your TM44 Reports or fill out the Enquiry Form.

Why TM44 Air Conditioning Inspections Are Required?

Getting your air conditioning system inspected by an Accredited Energy Assessoris essential because it improves the efficiency and aids in cutting down your system’s operating costs, carbon emission, and electricity consumption. Energy inspections highlight development that can be applied to the system and recognises less efficient or oversized systems that can be replaced by more energy-efficient systems. As outlined by TM44 guideline, replacement of refrigerant is strictly forbidden in older systems, and so there is an additional incentive to replace older systems with newer and more efficient units. Building owners and managers who are responsible for monitoring air conditioning systems are obliged by statutory laws to ensure the appropriate operation and maintenance of their air conditioning systems. The energy inspections of air conditioning systems as discussed here are in addition to the general activities associated with their operation and ownership. Inspection, maintenance and cleaning programs assigned to air conditioning systems ensure the safety and health of the building inhabitants and make available relaxed situations. This helps to minimise the escape of refrigerant gases and guarantees the safety of the air conditioning equipment.

The measures required to reach these purposes should be applied at a more regular basis than the assessment for energy efficiency that has been described here. Air conditioning systems can make up the bulk of a building’s energy usage. However, getting your air conditioning system inspected by a qualified TM44 assessor can help in improving efficiency and in a reduction of energy consumption which can thus decrease capital operating costs and carbon emissions. Nevertheless, building owners and managers in charge of the operation of these systems are obliged by statutory law under the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) to ensure that TM44 air conditioning inspections are conducted by a qualified and accredited air conditioning inspector.

Differences Between Standard & Enhanced TM44 Inspections

A standard air conditioning inspection permits your business to comply with UK law for air conditioning systems, GreenLight engineers can provide this service. However, we discovered clients would like extra information and value made into their report. If you are considering replacing older units or have a genuine interest in reducing your carbon footprint and energy bill, then we would recommend Enhanced TM44 Inspection.

An enhanced TM44 report is most useful to bodies with big sites that have a lot of air conditioning systems. However, it is very useful in recognising specific potential savings for companies that operate multiple sites. Nevertheless, the enhanced TM44 report will give thorough data displaying potential energy saving; whereas the enhanced report will layout measures and the specific financial benefits related to potential savings.