Mechanical & Electrical

Mechanical and Electrical Services Mechanical and Electrical Services Mechanical and Electrical Services

Engineering Focused Experts

As an engineering focused company, we offer a range of mechanical and electrical services from full fit out installations to compliance and maintenance visits. We have in house engineers that are site and mobile based to cover project installations and as part of our facility management services.

Everything is carried out using our bespoke project management system which includes group chat communication, order processing and project management tools. This allows our office and engineers to be in immediate communication and process changes, orders and general progress instantly between managers and operatives.

In House Engineering Teams

We currently have a team of management and operatives within all divisions to enable us to carry out any type of project at any scale and based from our head office in Wimbledon, South West London. Offering National coverage for select services. With cloud-based project and task management systems we keep our entire team connected which allows us to share information and develop in each service level of the company.

Our Mobile Engineers are always connected to our customer relationship management (CRM) system to ensure immediate delivery of up to date information via Tablet in the field.