Power Flushing

What Is A Power Flushing?

A power flushing is a chemical solution that helps in cleaning the central heating system and removes any elements inside of the pipes; such as rust that may be affecting it. If for any reason left inside of the system, it can cause serious problems to your home heating. Over a period, the water in your pipes, boiler and radiators will start producing unwanted dirt. This can result in your radiators not producing enough heat or cause your boiler to break down completely.

A power flush removes the sludge in your system, preventing blockages and central heating inefficiency. This means that your radiators and your boiler can work more efficiently when heating your home, prolonging the life of your heating system.

Signs You Need A Power Flush:

Below are some of the most common signs that your central heating system may need a power flush.

  • Your radiators and boiler are noisy
  • Leaks coming from your radiators
  • Your radiators have cold patches, particularly at the bottom
  • Your boiler keeps breaking down and needs to be restarted
  • Excessive noise from the boiler or the heating system pump
  • Your central heating takes longer than expected to warm up
  • Cloudy tap water
  • Some radiators struggle to heat up as well as others
  • Your radiators are not getting warm, even when the boiler is turned on
  • No water escapes when you bleed a radiator
  • If when you bleed a radiator, the water is discoloured.

It is advised to think about having a power flush on your whole central heating system when you have a new boiler installed. A power flush to your central heating system is recommended every 5/6 years to keep your boiler in tip top condition and working as you will expect.

How Long Does A Power Flush Take?

It differs depending on your house size and heating system as to how long a power flush will take to perform. A power flush will take less time to perform if you have a combination boiler or sealed system because there isn’t a need to cap off the cold feed and expansion piping.

Majority of the time, it usually takes around half a day to power flush a system thoroughly. For example, in a three bedroom house with a vented system, it take around 5 hours to perform.

Who Should Perform A Power Flush?

It is advisable to have a power flush performed by a qualified engineer. Our trustworthy engineers are trained to handle the specialist chemicals and equipment that a power flush requires.

How Much Does A Power Flush Cost?

The cost of a power flush can vary. To get an estimate, call us today 0208 545 7225.