Validation Reports

Validation Reports

Experienced in Validation Reports

Building services is a common focus of a validation report with a view to advising the client. This may include advice on the life expectancy of plant, with recommendations for replacement when necessary.

Compliance reporting is mainly important for clients looking to inhabit a space where existing building services are to be retained or altered to suit a new layout. Recognising any areas of potential non-compliance will allow customers to include remedial works into refurbishment contracts and align existing installations with industry and HSE regulations.

For clients seeking to extend an existing system, or increase occupation of a space, a key consideration will be the available capacity of the building services. Failing to control the available capacity of these services will result in costly ramifications post-completion if not identified and addressed at the design stage for the project.

Validation reports is an inspection to assess three main criteria- physical condition, compliance, and capacity. The test is performed on buildings scheduled to be fitted to Cat A or B standard. It includes taking readings and recording comprehensive data on all existing mechanical, electrical and controls systems.

Conducting M&E Validation Reports?

To manage risk effectively as possible, a decent validation reports of a building services need to be performed as early as possible in the project. However, any problems identified can be incorporated into the specification early on. For construction projects, this will be at pre-contract stage after initial conception. Whenever an occupant is seeking to occupy a space, it is recommended to carry out inspections before signing any lease agreements.

This is essential to ensure everything is performed in accordance with the building design criteria. This can be particularly important if you are taking on space that will require extensive modification to the existing services.

The purpose of this can save you costly mistakes and potential disputes, which are sadly all too common in the M&E industry

Testing Services Offered:

  • Fault finding and investigation reports
  • Critical system testing
  • Business continuity testing
  • Intrusive survey analysis
  • Pipe condition sampling and analysis
  • Drainage CCTV survey management
  • Buried service survey management
  • Environmental noise testing studies
  • Air and water commissioning validation
  • Plant performance monitoring
  • Building air tightness testing and consulting
  • Building smoke leakage testing and report
  • Building thermal imaging heat loss and report
  • Electrical power consumption monitoring
  • Automatic control system function and error testing