Commercial Kitchen Canopies

Commercial Kitchen Canopies

Commercial kitchen extractor fans are an essential part of the kitchen and required by law. A well-designed commercial kitchen extraction system will ensure that poisonous carbon monoxide gases and grease elements in the air are removed to the level required by the Health & Safety and local planning authorities.

All commercial kitchen extraction systems require a canopy to collect the fumes, effective ducting fans, carbon and grease filters. The kitchen extraction system must also be designed to minimise noise and vibration to neighbours.

Here at GreenLight, we have established ourselves as a leading supplier of commercial kitchen extraction and ventilation systems. All our products and services are offered in the UK.

Why Does My Commercial Kitchen Need An Extractor Fan?

  • Extractor fans and kitchen ventilation equipment are necessary for both the safety of any commercial kitchen and the comfort of your staff as well as customers. Kitchen ventilation is a crucial part of commercial kitchen design, as essential as your cooking and refrigeration equipment. An industrial extractor fan is not simply a way to improve your commercial kitchen’s working environment; rather it is a necessity, as new kitchens that don’t have adequate ventilation in their design risk being rejected by their local planning authority.
  • As well as keeping your commercial kitchen well-ventilated, ordering a quality industrial kitchen extractor fan will serve several crucial health and safety functions, particularly protection from poisonous gases which commercial kitchens can produce, resulting from the combustion of gas. The Health and Safety Executives has precise concerns about carbon monoxide because of the consequences caused. Carbon monoxide can be lethal, and in busy kitchens the effects of drowsiness can creates a huge risk. Poor kitchen extraction is also considered to be responsible for particles released during cooking that could trigger respiratory illnesses.
  • As well as compliance to health and safety regulations, a properly maintained extraction system can save you money, if your kitchen experiences a fire and your ventilation system has not been maintained, your insurance company may contest any claim you make.

Commercial Kitchen Ventilation – Specialist Advice

One of the most common triggers of commercial kitchen fires is grease-filled air, which is always at risk of sudden combustion. Kitchens that do a lot of frying are particularly vulnerable. Maintenance of commercial extractor fans is therefore crucial, with professional cleaning services recommended. Knowing that your kitchen extractor fan removes as well as collates grease and sits above your stove, neglecting to clean and maintain your kitchen ventilation system will make it the number one fire hazard in your kitchen.

Whether you are designing a new kitchen, revamping an old one or updating old commercial kitchen equipment, it is crucial you check the ventilation system meets the current requirements and best practice outlined by the British Standard as well as the Health & Safety Executive. For a safe, comfortable and healthy commercial kitchen, you need to invest in and maintain a quality kitchen ventilation system. However, well-designed kitchen hoods, extractor fans and ventilation systems will last for years in a commercial kitchen.

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